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Sent To: Field & Stream Magazine


Dear Field & Stream,

 I am writing you today with a heavy heart as recently my family mourned the death of my dear uncle Lebron.

Uncle Lebron was one of the kindest most energetic men you could ever hope to meet. For my brother Dennis and I our fondest memories of Uncle Lebron were of the days when he would take us fishing at Lake Trupswallow. The thing that Dennis and I remember the most vividly about those summer fishing trips was Uncle Lebron’s huge blue and green tackle box. We always stood mesmerized when Uncle Lebron would open the box, exposing the colorful lures and bobbers within. The miles of line, the sinkers and all of the other fishing apperatus that Uncle Lebron would teach us about over the years.

Upon his death, Dennis and I inherited our dear uncle’s tackle box and after the funeral we opened it up. The memories came flooding back. We examined the boxes contents one by one reciting each items purpose just as Lebron had taught us. That’s when we came across an item that we didn’t recognize. This brings me to the purpose of my letter. Since I know no fishing enthusiasts who could potentially identify this item, I am writing you in hopes that the experts at your fine publication can help us in our quest to identify this particular fishing apparatus.

 The item is a cylindrical glass tube about five inches long and a little thicker than a pencil. Near one end of the tube there is a hole on the top of the tube which holds a small cone shaped glass cup. The tube contained some brownish residue. For the last few days, Dennis and I have been attempting to figure out what fishing purpose this little gadget could possibly be used for . Here is what we have come up with:

1. A bubble blower, which the fisherman can stick in the water and blow on to attract the fish.

2. A silent whistle that only fish can hear.

3. Something you put your worm in to keep it warm.

Again my brother and I are land lubbers and really know nothing about fishing, so any help that you can give us in identifying this item would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture of the item just in case my description is not adequate. Please get back to me as soon as possible as we are about to sell the contents of the box and would like to get an idea of how much we can charge for this particular item. Thanks a lot.

– Albert Francis



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