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Poison Asparagus?

To: Birds Eye Vegetable Companym_HWWKQYNCD5T

Dear Birds Eye,

 For many years my family has enjoyed your frozen vegetable products.  We serve them almost every night and on holidays and we always make sure that everyone has their favorite Birds Eye variety at the table.  Grandpa likes the Brussels Sprouts while my cousin Reggie can’t get enough of the California Blend with Cheddar Cheese Sauce.  I’m pretty sure he’d eat it every night, but he has Down’s Syndrome and gains weight quickly, so he can only eat it in moderation.

 Recently it dawned on us that we had tried just about every Birds Eye product that your fine company offers, however recently we were able to find one that no one in the family had tried. That’s why this weekend we purchased several boxes of your Asparagus Spears.  They were delicious!  If fact it was the very first time any of us had ever had asparagus.  We loved it.

 Later that night however we noticed that something was very wrong.  Every member of the family who had eaten the asparagus; Myself, my brother Dennis, Grandpa, cousin Reggie,  Mom, Dad and aunt Lei-Min reported the same thing.  Our urine all smelled terrible!  It was an acidic smell unlike anything we had ever experienced. 

 While our urine has reverted back to its original odor, we are still very concerned about this.  We believe the smell to be directly related to the consumption of the asparagus since the rest of the meal consisted of Aunt Lei-Min’s meatloaf and boil-in-the-bag rice cooked by Reggie.  Neither of these foods has ever resulted in our family excreting funny smelling urine.

I am writing today in order to inform you of this problem so that you can look into it and take any action you deem necessary so that other families do not have to suffer as we have.  Because of our lifelong love affair with your products we will not be taking legal action regardless of the results of our medical examinations later this week.

 Any help that your company can offer in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Unfortunately we did not save any of the asparagus or any of the urine in questions so you’re just going to have to take our word on this one.  Thanks.

 -Albert Francis



Dear Mr. Francis:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us about Birds Eye Deluxe Asparagus Spears.

Quality has been a primary consideration in the production of our products and it has been that way throughout our history.  Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience you and your family experienced. 

We appreciate the product information you’ve provided and have forward your experience along to the appropriate department. Be assured that they will carefully review this matter. This is a known side effect of asparagus. Below is a link we have found online but please feel free to do your own online research.


We value you as a loyal consumer and appreciate your concern. Free product coupons will be sent via U.S. mail to replace the unsatisfactory product.

Consumer Relations
Birds Eye Foods


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