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Sent To: Bill White For Texas

Dear White For Texas Team,

I would just like to let your campaign know what a huge fan I am of  Mayor White.  I am so dedicated to getting him elected governor this fall that I have organized my neighbors and put together a pro-White group in my neighborhood.

Right now the group only consists of five of us.  Myself, my brother Dennis, our elderly neighbor Mrs. Helfner, our gardener Luis and a young man who is a friend on Facebook, but who I have not actually met.  In the months leading up to the election we expect our group to grow significantly. 

We call ourselves “White is Right” and we each have bumper stickers for our cars that say the same thing.

White is Right is engaged in all kinds of activism here in our hometown of Borger, Texas.  For example, the other day we all went into town and stood by the road with a big picture of the candidate.  We all waved signs that said things like “Vote for White!” “Send a White to Austin!” and “White Power!” Borger must be a very Republican town because we did not get a positive reaction from most of the people who drove by.  Many of them seemed downright belligerent towards White’s candidacy.  But we will not be discouraged!

White is Right has other events planned.  For example we plan to infiltrate a Rick Perry event soon and unfurl a huge banner that reads “My Candidate is White!”

We also plan to go into some of the predominantly black sections of Hutchinson County and encourage African Americans to Vote White this year.

Finally on Halloween Night, just few days before the election, we are planning big march through town.  We will all dress from head to toe in white costumes to signify the purity of our dedication to the White cause.  We will do chants and carry signs and pictures of the candidate to let people know just where we stand. I am already working on my costume.  I am going to be a ghost and I found the perfect bed sheets to dress up in.  These things are so white they could make your eyes bleed!  The hat is a bit pointy on top, but I don’t think anyone will notice.

Do you think Mayor White would like to see our costumes?  We could wear them to his next rally. 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you at the campaign know how hard we are all working to get Mayor White elected to our state’s highest office this November.  While this may be a good year for the GOP in other states, we are looking forward to Mayor White reigning supreme in Texas on election night this year and we will do anything we can to help achieve this White supremacy.

 Many Happy Returns,

Albert Francis.


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