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American Bullion

Dear Friends,
You have no idea how excited I am to have stumbled across your website!

 For the last 5 months I have been in search of a bullion supplier.  I am getting ready to open my first soup restaurant and I am in desperate need to find a reliable source of bullion in order to make my broths.
 As I’m sure you know, broth is the lifeblood of the soup industry.  “You can’t have soup without broth”  my grandma used to say before she was overwhelmed by the dementia.
 Grandma loved soups of all kinds, but simply couldn’t take it anymore when  “Big Canning” took over the soup business.
 That’s why I decided to invest all of my money into opening a soup restaurant that would make her proud.
“The Soupository” will open this fall.
 I was intrigued by “American Bullion’s’” patriotic name and the way it uses gold as a metaphor for its bullion products.  To my grandmother, a good broth made of fine bullion was just as valuable as gold.
 I have only a few questions before I purchase bullion from your fine establishment.
First, do you specialize in beef bullion or chicken bullion?  I need both.
 Second, how much bullion can I purchase?  I require a lot of bullion in order to ensure the The Soupository doesn’t run out during the cold winter months when soup is in high demand.
 Please get back to me as soon as possible with your answer as I look forward to purchasing mass quantities of bullion very soon.
Albert Francis


I’m sorry, we’re already contracted to supply for the Souplantation.




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